Speak Of The Mind

Lazy Hammock

Speak of the mind takes you on a raw and emotive journey through love, pain, war and life, expressed through Lazy Hammocks unique and deeply poignant music and lyrics. Touching on genres from electronica, chill house and reggae, to drum & bass, songwriter and spoken word, this is an album which is sure to caress the senses, connect with the heart and touch the soul.


1. Broken (Original Mix) 5:48

2. Work Me Out (Original Mix) 4:02

3. Are You Callin (Original Mix) 4:11

4. Can´t Take No More (Original Mix) 4:25

5. Speak of the Mind (Original Mix) 4:12 

6. Searching (Original Mix) 5:02 

7. Why Aren´t You Listening (Original Mix) 3:47 

8. Trees (Original Mix) 5:16

9. Intoxicated (Original Mix) 6:04 

10. Sanctuary (Original Mix) 4:54 

11. War Cries (Original Mix) 4:57 

12. Clean Slate (Original Mix) 5:06 


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