Matter Of Time

Linda Rocco is a Singer born in Cleveland Ohio. Linda Rocco was known for singing all female backing vocals with her twin sister Jodie Rocco of the Milli Vanilli songs in late 80´s/early 90´s. She also used to sing for stars like Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Backstreet Boys, N´Sync, also touring as warm up act with the Bee Gees and Prince. In the 90´s Linda was well known as main vocalist of Masterboy´s albums "Colours" (1996) and US Album (2006), also as featured artist for some singles of A.B. Free, Dance 2 Trance ("Power of American Natives") Paternoster and On T.V. . She also released a solo single called "Fly With Me" (1995). With the new maxi single "You Make Me Feel Good" in 2017, Linda Rocco did a fabulous Comeback. Next single was "Take Me To The River" in duet with Lane McCray and produced by Chrizz Morisson.