Forever Lovers

„Forever Lovers“ was originally released in the mid 80s by „Italian Boys“ and turned into an Italo Disco classic although it hasn’t been a huge chart success back in the days. The song also is an all time favourite of DJ Jerry and after nearly 40 years after the original release, he took the chance together with producer Di Fumetti (which is also an Italo Disco maniac) to bring the original flavour and feeling of this era into todays music style.

The production of „Forever Lovers“ took nearly 4 months – always with the goal to combine the unique Italo Disco feeling with modern beats without losing the analogue charme of the original recording - introducing well known number one chart-hit female singer Franca Morgano, who did a beautiful vocal performance on "Forever Lovers". This song has been produced with love and respect to the 80s and their wonderful era of Italo Disco.