Whip It´ Fresh ´n´ Funky!

Also in 2021 B.Infinite stands for finest Nu Disco. ´Whip It´ is the new groovy single of the Germany based producer. Funky beats, soulful vocals and finest Kool & the Gang attitude with contemporary House elements. Nu Dico at its best!

Not only B.Infinite likes Nu Disco. His Spotify fan base now has almost reached 50 k listeners per month.


B.Infinite startet auch 2021 mit feinstem Nu Disco durch. “Whip It” heißt die neue Single und groovt an allen Ecken und Enden. Funkige Beats, soulige Vocals, feinster Kool & the Gang-Style mit zeitgemäßen House-Elementen. Nu Dico at its best!

Nicht nur B.Infinite steht auf Nu Disco. Inzwischen zählt seine Spotify-Fanbase fast 50.000 Hörer pro Monat.