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SHAB - WHAT I DO BIOGRAPHY Love, pop and of course global dance rhythms mark the sound of crossover artist SHAB, who makes her English language debut via the ode to female wildness ?Spell on Me,? which is the lead-off single for her English language debut. With her rhapsodic lyrics, SHAB has captured the attention of girls across the world and now sets her sights on America with her first English album to be released during the late summer of 2020. The mesmerizing pop-leaning ?Spell on Me? single was helmed by Grammy-winning producer Damon Sharpe, known for his work producing Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and more. Featuring a steady stream of feel-good hooks, SHAB draws on her own romantic torment, crafting raw lyrics to her lover and heartfelt reflections on surrendering herself to intimacy. Through power ballads and dance floor anthems with the upcoming album, SHAB harnesses anguish and devotion, as she traces journeys of femme self-discovery. And following on this theme, the music video for ?Spell on Me? music video is set in a futuristic world with apparent Mad Max leanings, alternating between the playful and surreal. SHAB has spent the last few years gaining a fan base around the world, establishing herself as a pop goddess with purpose Growing up the youngest of 13 brothers and sisters in Iran & Germany, while overseas SHAB listened to a steady stream of local and western music and reveled in dance parties with her siblings. Music, family and home became her protected sanctuary. Following the passing of SHAB?s father, SHAB?s mother over a period of years brought her entire family to America, eventually landing in Baltimore, Maryland. SHAB made the trans-Atlantic trip by herself at age 14 with only a single small suitcase and American high school awaiting. She immediately hit the books hard to learn English, all while working three jobs including at the family business ? a pizza shop ? as a waitress and host. Following high school and after graduating college, SHAB attended law school in Florida, but soon left to pursue writing and performing music full time. She was inspired to perform by her brother Shahab, whose own career as a Persian-American entertainer has made him an international singing sensation. For her English debut album to be released later in 2020, SHAB has opted for a combination of urban tilting songs, pop ballads and dance inducing knockouts. She combines an eclectic mix of sonic effects and catchy dance-pop hooks to make energizing music that is effortless and ringingly memorable. With huge choruses as well as distinct yet unpredictable vocals in the purest of pop sense, SHAB delivers a kaleidoscope of sound that goes hand-in-hand with her introspective and powerful lyrics. When SHAB is not in the studio or on stage, she resides in Dallas & Baltimore with her partner & two children. For SHAB, the constant love from her family during the most difficult of times has enabled the power and strength overcome the longest of odds. Towards sharing that love, together with her family SHAB supports both The Kynect Foundation (dedicated to the needs of children, military veterans & First Responder heroes) as well as Hope Supply Co. (a not-for[1]profit gem which meets the critical needs of homeless children). ForSpotify Users - For Deejays -