Donīt Walk Away

Info Roberto Bates „Donīt Walk Away“
For Roberto Bates, a musician from Giessen, Germany, based at the Rock Pop Jazz Academy of
Music (RPJAM), a catchy song needs not only of a good beat, but also of a strong melody. His
music was influenced by the melodic rock of the 80s. With his band BATES MOTEL he has just
released a new EP. As a solo artist, his focus is additionally on EDM and pop. With many of his
songs he has already conquered many playlists, discotheques and radio stations and won national
and international awards.
Now the next milestone "Don t Walk Away" is in the starting blocks and exceeds all expectations
again. The song was first pressed on CD back in 1993 and has now been dusted off for the here
and now. With a refreshing beat of his beloved 80s, no one can keep their feet still with this song.
With a matching music video shot in the Gambler s and Wedding Paradise of glorious Las Vegas,
Bates song is ready to take over the music world once again