MRC 226894

AFTERGLOW - is this the beginning of the end?
This is a question we are bound to ask if we take a look at global politics and the

ever increasing destruction of the environment. The masses have fallen in silen-
ce as the leaders are but actors in a bizarre piece of political theatre, pursuing

their sinister goals.

Or are we right in the middle?

Why do we bid the apocalypse welcome
with arms wide open?

While a new generation of activists take a
run-up to smash into the wall of ignorance,
we have to consider this grim option. We
well might be beyond the point of no return
or we still might have some time left.
But not to act is no option we can accept if
there is any sanity left in this world.

Do we really long for our ticket to the big after show par-
ty so much that we donít care about anything else? Con-
suming is always easier than to think, of course. But does

it really make us happy?
In the end all that is left is a dim glimmer in the dark.
Welcome to the AFTERGLOW!